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keep calmAs I was perusing pictures on Pinterest the last few days, I came across some beautiful laundry rooms that serve as wonderful inspiration for brightening up an often overlooked and understated room. (For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a virtual pinboard where you can collect photos of everything from home decor to outfits to DIY craft ideas to recipes. We even did a post on it last May and since then it’s really caught on–you should sign up and try it!)

The reality is your laundry room does not have to be boring or mundane, and you can even enjoy spending time in there! Let me share with you some laundry rooms I love and tips to use in your own home:

1) Dress up the space. Using fun colors will light up the room and help you enjoy spending time there. Colors do wonders to lift your mood. The chandelier adds a fancy touch and the flowers below keep the room light and airy. Teal seems to be a popular, new color for laundry rooms, too.


light and airy

2) Organize, organize, organize. In a laundry room (or any room for that matter) it’s important that everything has it’s place. You can use cabinets, shelving, bins, totes, etc. to make sure that everything stays organized and tidy. Having a bar to hang drying clothes is a wonderful idea as well as hooks on the wall for cleaning supplies, lint rollers, etc. The bins really make a difference and they nicely hide away any little knick knacks that you may have.


everything has its place


3) Lost socks? No problem! This is my all-time favorite DIY idea for laundry rooms because we’ve all lost socks in the laundry room. Create a “lost socks” board with clothespins and a simple wooden board or piece of string. Maybe you’ll even find some matches. And that”no socks left behind sign” cracks me up every time!

lost socks

missing socks4) Separate your lights and darks. It’s hard to keep track of loads of laundry when all your clothes are thrown into one laundry basket. These homes have the right idea: try separating your clothes into different baskets to easily keep track. This under the washer/dryer storage and hidden laundry basket cabinet are great ideas!

under laundry

That was your daily dose of design inspiration about laundry rooms — Check out pinterest for more ideas and inspiration!


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  1. blogtha1 says:

    Great tips for making the most of laundry time and space! Especially love the tip to dress up your space… we might as well make it beautiful too!

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