Some Liberating Interior Design Tips

This post falls into the design tips and inspiration category.  I was checking out Pepper Design Blog, where Morgan regularly shares DIY design for interiors.  Always looking for some good design advice, I loved her interview with John Newlin of Lonny Magazine and, in particular, loved his design advice (and the super vibrant image of a design by Nick Olsen).  I wanted to share it here.  Visit Pepper Design Blog for the full interview and more great tips from Morgan! 

Here are three design suggestions from John Newlin:

1. Show no fear. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different. Just because it’s not in the rule book doesn’t mean it’s against the rules. You’ll know pretty fast if your experiment works. Interior designer Nick Olsen has a pretty cool thing going.

2. Evolve. While you may just be that one person who created the perfect room, I think the rest of us should be making adjustments to our spaces as frequently as our lives’ dictate. It seems natural that our dwellings grow with our character.

3. Don’t limit yourself to one particular style. Develop your own aesthetic and buy pieces that speak to you, whether they’re modern, vintage or not fashionable at the moment.

Great advice, don’t you think?  Personally, I love any advice that encourages us to follow our inner guidance system and do our own thing. Thanks Morgan for the great interview.

– Rebecca

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  1. Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! I especially love the third bullet answer from John on this question!!

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